Braunschweig - Mallorca: Trains, Buses, Flights & Carpooling

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Travel from Braunschweig to Mallorca. Compare and combine trains, buses and flights. All options explained.

¿How to get from Braunschweig to Mallorca?

Search combinations between flights, trains and buses. Find the cheapest tickets from Braunschweig to Mallorca.

This route can only be done by combining different transport modes, since there is not any airport with commercial flights in Braunschweig.
The closest airports are Hannover and Berlin, with plenty of direct flights to Mallorca. Hamburg is also not far, but there are no direct trains. That means you will either have to change trains or take another transport mode like a bus or a car, which will be usually cheaper options.
In order to see all possible combinations for a specific date, you can use our search engine. It will show you all possible combinations in one view. This will include not only the closest airports mentioned above, but also other airports further away in case some cheap flights are departing from there. You can then order all alternatives by price, duration or a combination of both. This way you can find the cheapest tickets and save money in your trip.

Cities around Braunschweig with direct flights to Mallorca

There are many airlines offering direct flights to Mallorca from cities around Braunschweig, especially in summer. These include TUIfly, Ryanair, easyJet, Laudamotion, Condor and Eurowings, among others. The duration of the flights is about 2h 30min, the exact time depending on the departure's city. Prices can vary a lot depending on the demand for a certain date.

Alternative airports

Other airports nearby Braunschweig are Kassel, Erfurt-Weimar, Bremen, Leipzig and Paderborn. These airports are relatively small, without many flights, so the chances to find a good combination are lower: it will be more difficult to reach the airport and there will be less flights. Luckily, Travelinho's algorithm also takes them into account and will show any interesting combinations found.

Find accommodation in Mallorca

If you are travelling to Mallorca, you might be interested in looking for accommodation. By using the search box below you can find the best prices in several types of accommodation, from low-budget hostels, to appartments and fancy hotels. The sooner you book, the cheaper it will be. In some cases you might have free cancellation under certain conditions!