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    Coimbra Central Bus Station

Find accommodation in Coimbra

If you are travelling to Coimbra, you might be interested in looking for accommodation. By using the search box below you can find the best prices in several types of accommodation, from low-budget hostels, to appartments and fancy hotels. The sooner you book, the cheaper it will be. In some cases you might have free cancellation under certain conditions!

Carriers operating in Coimbra


Comboios de Portugal
Renfe trains include AVE, Alvia, Avant, Altaria, Talgo, Euromed, Media Distancia (MD), Regional, Regional Express.


Citi Express
Rede expressos

Airports around Coimbra

Viseu Airport (VSE) - 73 km
Porto Airport (OPO) - 114 km
Vila Real Airport (VRL) - 132 km
Lisbon Airport (LIS) - 171 km
Cascais Aerodrome (LCT) - 183 km
Badajoz Airport (BJZ) - 202 km
Vigo Airport (VGO) - 223 km
Bragança Airport (BGC) - 232 km
Salamanca Airport (SLM) - 261 km
Santiago de Compostela Airport (SCQ) - 297 km
Portimão Airport (PRM) - 341 km
A Coruña Airport (LCG) - 342 km

Nearby cities

Aveiro - 50 km
Viseu - 66 km
Entroncamento - 84 km
Porto - 103 km
Vila Real - 133 km
Braga - 147 km
Lisbon - 174 km
Almada - 183 km
Cascais - 188 km
Cáceres - 194 km
Badajoz - 194 km
Vigo - 224 km