How to get from Berlin to Siena

Berlin, the capital of Germany, and Siena are separated by more than 1300 kilometers by road. That is more than 13 hours driving, which can be too exhausting. In addition, Siena does not have any airport, so just using any normal travel search engine might not return all possibilities. Fortunately, there are many alternatives to get from Berlin to Siena, which we will cover in this article.
The closest airports to Siena are Florence and Pisa. In addition, Rome is at a distance of 230km and Milan at 400km. Flying from Berlin to one of these airports will likely be the optimal way to reach Siena if you are concerned about time and money, so let's have a look at those in more detail.

Berlin to Siena via Florence

There are no direct flights from Berlin to Florence. The shortest flights take about 4 hours with a stopover in Brussels or Amsterdam.
Florence Airport is located at 84km from Siena. Most probably you will have then to take a bus to the city center of Florence, and from there you can take a train or a bus to Siena. The ride takes between 1h 15min to 1h 30min.
Minimum trip duration: 7 hours
Minimum stopovers: 2

Berlin to Siena via Pisa

Ryanair and easyJet offer direct flights from Berlin Schönefeld (SXF) to Pisa. The duration of those flights is about 2 hours.
To get from Pisa to Siena, there are not any direct connections. The best way is taking a train with a change in Empoli, taking in total between 1h 40min and 2h 10min.
Minimum trip duration: 5 hours
Minimum stopovers: 2

Berlin to Siena via Rome

Several companies offer direct flights from Berlin to Rome, including Alitalia, Ryanair and easyJet. The duration of those flights is about 2 hours. Due to the high competition, it is likely that you will find low-fares.
To get from Rome to Siena, there are several possibilities. Bus companies Flixbus and Baltour offer rides every 2-3 hours, and it takes slightly less than 3 hours to cover 232km separating both cities. There are also hourly trains departing from Rome, that will take you to Siena in about 3h 30min with a change in Florence.
Minimum trip duration: 8 hours
Minimum stopovers: 1

Berlin to Siena via Milan

Milan lies almost 400km away from Siena, but it's together with Rome the best chance to get from Berlin to Italy for a low price. The duration of the flight is between 1h 35min and 1h 50min.
The fastest direct bus from Milan to Siena takes 4h 15min and is operated by Baltour. Alternatively, Flixbus offers several buses per day with durations starting from 4h 40min. If you prefer to travel by train, it will be slightly faster (3h 40min), but you will have to change at least once in Florence.
Minimum trip duration: 8 hours
Minimum stopovers: 1

Berlin to Siena by train

There is also the possibility to do the complete trip by train. This is not only the greenest way to travel, but lets you also enjoy the different landscapes while crossing Europe. The main drawback is the time you need to invest, and probably the price. However, if you are up to it, the fastest option will take 15 hours and 5 minutes, with changes in Munich, Padua and Florence.
Minimum trip duration: 15 hours
Minimum stopovers: 3

Berlin to Siena by bus

What about bus only? If time is not a problem, this can be a valid alternative at a reasonable price. Riding from Berlin to Florence is possible with Flixbus, with a stopover in Munich. This take about 19 hours.
Once you are in Florence, the local company Tiemme SpA runs buses every 30 minutes.
Minimum trip duration: 21 hours
Minimum stopovers: 2

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