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Why is CO2 important?

Most of us love travelling. Unfortunately, transportation has a big impact in our environment, especially due to the CO2 emmited to the atmosphere, that is producing the climate change.
But quitting travelling is not an option, so what is the alternative?
We believe the alternative is AMO, which also means "I love" in Spanish.
AMO stands for:
  • Awareness
  • Minimize
  • Offset

1. Awareness

Many are not aware of how contaminating transportation can be. Which mode of transportation is the greenest? What is the difference among the alternatives? How bad is taking your own car?
There are plenty of studies and information on the internet, but many do not have the time to read about it.
Here is where Travelinho jumps in: Why not showing directly the CO2 emmisions for each trip?
It is done in two different ways:
1) By including the kg of CO2 emmitted in our search engine for each option shown. Since Travelinho includes all the modes of transportation and even combines them, you are able to see in one view all options and how green is each of them.
2) By using the tool at the top of this page, you can also find out how many emmisions your trip will cause.

2. Minimize

Once you are aware of how many kg of CO2 will be emmitted, you have the power to take an informed decision by choosing an option that the minimizes the amount of CO2 emmited.
This is the most efficient way to reduce your impact, but it is not a one-shot solution.
Even if you minimize your impact, there is still some.
Or, as it happens very often, the greenest alternative does not work for you.
For instance, let's say you want to travel from Hamburg to Seville: Train would be the greenest option, but it would take more than 24 hours. Most of us do not have the time for that.
For these cases, either you change your destination for another one that is closer, or offsetting/compensating is the way to go.

3. Offset

The last step to travelling green is to offset the CO2 emmisions that your trip will cause.
The compensation works through a donation. The money will be invested in projects that reduce CO2 emmisions.

Offset your CO2 with a donation

The two most popular websites to compensate your carbon footprint are:
  • atmosfair, based in Germany, promotes projects for energy efficiency, wind energy, biogas and solar energy, amongst others; in countries such as Nepal, Keina or Nicaragua.

  • myclimate, based in Switzerland, promotes projects such as efficient cook stoves, hydro power and waste management in countries like Rwanda, Nicaragua or Uganda.