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Santiago de Compostela


    Santiago de Compostela Airport (SCQ)
More than 14 flights depart daily from Santiago de Compostela.
More than 12 flights arrive daily to Santiago de Compostela.

    Santiago de Compostela Airport Bus Station
    Santiago de Compostela Train Station

    Santiago de Compostela Bus Station
More than 4 buses depart weekly from Santiago de Compostela.

Airports around Santiago de Compostela

A Coruña Airport (LCG) - 48 km
Vigo Airport (VGO) - 73 km
Porto Airport (OPO) - 183 km
Bragança Airport (BGC) - 188 km
Vila Real Airport (VRL) - 190 km
Asturias Airport (OVD) - 216 km
Leon Airport (LEN) - 238 km
Viseu Airport (VSE) - 245 km
Valladolid Airport (VLL) - 329 km
Salamanca Airport (SLM) - 330 km
Santander Airport (SDR) - 386 km

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Nearby cities

Pontevedra - 51 km
A Coruña - 53 km
Vigo - 73 km
Ourense - 79 km
Lugo - 81 km
Braga - 147 km
Bragança - 185 km
Vila Real - 187 km
Porto - 191 km
Oviedo - 224 km
Avilés - 224 km
León - 243 km

Routes from Santiago de Compostela