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    Rostock-Laage Airport (RLG)
More than 2 flights depart daily from Rostock.
More than 3 flights arrive daily to Rostock.

    Rostock Main Station
No departures found.
No arrivals found.

    Rostock ZOB
    Rostock Ferry Terminal
    Rostock Warnemünde Werft
    Rostock Warnemünde Strand
More than 1 buses depart weekly from Rostock.
More than 3 buses arrive weekly to Rostock.

Carriers operating in Rostock

BMI Regional
Helvetic Airways

IC Bus

Airports around Rostock

Heringsdorf Airport (HDF) - 137 km
Hamburg Airport (HAM) - 148 km
Roskilde Airport (RKE) - 161 km
Copenhagen Airport (CPH) - 169 km
Sønderborg Airport (SGD) - 175 km
Malmö Airport (MMX) - 175 km
Odense Airport (ODE) - 187 km
Berlin Tegel Airport (TXL) - 191 km
Szczecin-Goleniów Airport (SZZ) - 193 km
Bornholm Airport (RNN) - 200 km
Berlin Schönefeld Airport (SXF) - 215 km
Kristianstad Airport (KID) - 234 km

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Nearby cities

Lübeck - 97 km
Kiel - 129 km
Heringsdorf - 137 km
Hamburg - 152 km
Roskilde - 168 km
Sønderborg - 173 km
Copenhagen - 173 km
Malmö - 174 km
Szczecin - 177 km
Odense - 179 km
Berlin - 198 km
Wolfsburg - 207 km

Routes from Rostock