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    Nîmes Airport (FNI)
More than 5 flights depart weekly from Nîmes.
More than 4 flights arrive daily to Nîmes.

    Nîmes Gare Routière (ZYN)
More than 2 trains depart daily from Nîmes.
No arrivals found.

    Nîmes Gare Routière
    Nîmes Av Languedoc
More than 1 buses depart weekly from Nîmes.
More than 2 buses arrive weekly to Nîmes.

Carriers operating in Nîmes

Air France
Qatar Airways
Air Austral
Etihad Airways


Airports around Nîmes

Montpellier Airport (MPL) - 42 km
Marseille Airport (MRS) - 80 km
Béziers Airport (BZR) - 98 km
Rodez Airport (RDZ) - 163 km
Toulon Airport (TLN) - 166 km
Castres-Mazamet Airport (DCM) - 169 km
Perpignan Airport (PGF) - 170 km
Carcassonne Airport (CCF) - 179 km
Grenoble Airport (GNB) - 186 km
Saint-Étienne Airport (EBU) - 189 km
Aurillac Airport (AUR) - 194 km
Lyon Saint Exupéry Airport (LYS) - 218 km

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Nearby cities

Montpellier - 46 km
Aix-en-Provence - 89 km
Marseille - 100 km
Béziers - 107 km
Toulon - 148 km
Rodez - 154 km
Castres - 173 km
Perpignan - 174 km
Carcassonne - 175 km
Saint-Étienne - 179 km
Grenoble - 185 km
Aurillac - 195 km

Routes from Nîmes