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Travel from Vigo to Norway

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Closest destination
Stavanger - 2098 km
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Furthest destination
Vardø - 3830 km

About Norway



Norway has 48 airports with commercial flights:

Alta Airport (ALF)
Andøya Airport, Andenes (ANX)
Bardufoss Airport (BDU)
Båtsfjord Airport (BJF)
Bergen Airport, Flesland (BGO)
Berlevåg Airport (BVG)
Bodø Airport (BOO)
Fagernes Airport, Leirin (VDB)
Florø Airport (FRO)
Førde Airport, Bringeland (FDE)
Hammerfest Airport (HFT)
Harstad/Narvik Airport, Evenes (EVE)
Hasvik Airport (HAA)
Haugesund Airport, Karmøy (HAU)
Honningsvåg Airport, Valan (HVG)
Kirkenes Airport, Høybuktmoen (KKN)
Kristiansand Airport, Kjevik (KRS)
Kristiansund Airport, Kvernberget (KSU)
Ålesund Airport, Vigra (AES)
Brønnøysund Airport, Brønnøy (BNN)
Lakselv Airport, Banak (LKL)
Leknes Airport (LKN)
Mehamn Airport (MEH)
Mo i Rana Airport, Røssvoll (MQN)
Molde Airport, Årø (MOL)
Mosjøen Airport, Kjærstad (MJF)
Namsos Airport, Høknesøra (OSY)
Notodden Airport, Tuven (NTB)
Ørland Airport (OLA)
Ørsta–Volda Airport, Hovden (HOV)
Oslo Airport (OSL)
Røros Airport (RRS)
Rørvik Airport, Ryum (RVK)
Røst Airport (RET)
Sandane Airport, Anda (SDN)
Sandefjord Airport, Torp (TRF)
Sandnessjøen Airport, Stokka (SSJ)
Sogndal Airport, Haukåsen (SOG)
Sørkjosen Airport (SOJ)
Stavanger Airport, Sola (SVG)
Stokmarknes Airport, Skagen (SKN)
Stord Airport, Sørstokken (SRP)
Svolvær Airport, Helle (SVJ)
Tromsø Airport (TOS)
Trondheim Airport, Værnes (TRD)
Vadsø Airport (VDS)
Værøy Heliport (VRY)
Vardø Airport, Svartnes (VAW)

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